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Scholarship Program 


1. Each fiscal year Clan Mackay Society USA, Inc. (Clan Mackay) will award up to four scholarships in the amount of $200.00 each.  Awards are payable to the recipient AND the school / teacher.  If training has been completed, recipient will receive the award upon submission of receipts to the Treasurer.

2. Applicants must be dedicated to continuing their instruction and furthering their education in the field of Scottish arts which includes, but is not limited to, piping, drumming, dancing, athletics, Scottish related languages or general Scottish studies that promote the culture, customs, traditions and history of the people of Scotland, with particular emphasis on the Clan Mackay. Scholarships are given only for a specific training or educational opportunity that is to be specified in the application.

3. To be eligible, an applicant must be a current (active) member of Clan Mackay USA, and have been an active member for a minimum of one year or, if a dependent by IRS criteria, a direct descendant of such an active member. Active membership will be certified by the Membership Secretary and determined following receipt of application for scholarship. Families should be aware that only a single award may be given to one family.  Members of the scholarship committee and their dependants by IRS criteria are not eligible.

4. Applications must be postmarked by July 1, 2018, for instruction started between Jan 1, 2018 through Dec 31, 2018.

5. Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, which will make recommendations to the Executive Committee for approval. Recipients will be announced at the Annual General Meeting of Clan Mackay.

6. The Scholarship Committee will evaluate applications on (1) the applicant’s interest in and dedication to Scottish tradition, (2) current activities and accomplishments in chosen area of study, and (3) ability to promote the culture, customs, traditions and history of the people of Scotland, with particular emphasis on the Clan Mackay.

7. Anyone awarded a scholarship will have thirty (30) days after the date of the award letter to either accept or decline the scholarship.

8.  Recipients must submit a report upon completion of their studies for publication in the Clan Mackay newsletter, The Mackay Banner.

9. For additional information contact:

Cheryl McKay, Scholarship Chair
5461 Poplar Drive
Monroe, MI 48161  
(734) 457-1772

Click here for a printable appliction.

Past Recepients
Madelynne Cable - Highland Dancing
Cindy Kimove - Drummer
(Cindy resides in Canada and is a member of Clan Mackay USA)
Abigal Carpenter - Fiddle
Tim Carpenter - Fiddle
Warren Hinson - Drums
Mary Elisabeth Mackay - Dance
Warren Raymond Hinson, NC - Drums
Luke McKay Smith, AR - Piping
Jeff Herbster, ME - Piping
Luke McKay Smith, AR - Piping

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