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Genealogy & DNA Research Programs

Clan Mackay offers our members two opportunities for researching their family tree. These projects give anyone who participates avenues of information that might not otherwise be available if you were working on your own. The Clan Mackay USA Ancestral Project immediately below is done by our own genealogist and is very effective. The Mackay Surname Project opportunity is done by an outside 3rd party which has yielded positive responses.


Clan Mackay USA Ancestral Project

Clan Mackay USA has an ongoing project designed to help members discover more about their Mackay ancestry. The project involves members sending in one or more six generation pedigree charts (depending on how much information they already possess) to me for inclusion in the Clan Mackay Ancestral master data base.

Genealogy is one of the cornerstones of our missions. Education on Scottish heritage is an important and some say the most important member benefits we offer. Our SEANACHAIDH & GENEALOGIST works from the pedigree chart that you provide to research family and compare it against the histories he already has on file. Many members have been surprised to see that family lines cross and merge. Some have found distant relations through this program.

Because this process is so time consuming we can only offer this to members in good standing.

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To contact our genealogist:
Ken Bain, National Seanachaidh
Clan Mackay USA

7395 N. Benedict
Fresno, CA 93711-02121

(559) 439-5553



Y-DNA Mackay Surname Project

Who: Open to any male (because only males have Y-DNA) whose surname is Mackay - or a variation, including but not limited to McKay, McCoy, McKoy, McKee, McKie, Kies. Y-DNA is passed from father to son, so a woman who wants to know her family results should get her brother, father, paternal uncle or male cousin to participate.

Why: Y-DNA testing provides clues to your deep ancestral and geographic origins. It can help you find relatives who share a common ancestor, even though your genealogy research hasn't found the link. Testing can also confirm the results of your genealogical research. Even if you think you know your ancestry, you may be able to help other participants find their ancestral home.

How; Join the Mackay Surname Project at FamilyTreeDNA or submit your results from any other DNA testing company. Testing is done with a simple cheek scraping and results are sent to you and to the project. There is a discount for testing as part of a surname project. Contact the Project Administrator for suggestions on how to participate for the lowest cost.

MtDNA: Many of the project participants have chosen to have their mtDNA tested too. MtDNA follows the maternal line, so men and women can participate in this test.

Contact: Bridget McCoy Kopetzky, Surname Group Administrator

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